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Babaye Man Khanandas
Babaye Man Khanandas

Babaye Man Khanandas

Babaye Man Khanandas - Movie فیلم بابای من خوانندس - Watch on LiveFarsi

My father will read the movie

The Iranian film Babai Man Khwanandes was produced in 2010 in Iran, directed and produced by Manouchehr Safarkhani. This film is the seventh experience of directing Manouchehr Safarkhani in the field of making movies. He started his career as a director in Iranian cinema in 2017 He also released his first independent movie titled "How much time do you have" in 2017. In addition to directing, he has also performed numerous artistic activities in acting and has played roles in more than 21 serials and telefilms, Manouchehr Safarkhani. The 56-year-old can be found in all artistic fields such as acting and directing. He has even appeared in more than 13 theaters, in some of which he has acted as a director as well.

Manouchehr Safarkhani first released the movie Babai Man Khwanandes in 2013 and now, after a break of nearly 11 years, he has decided to release it on the home theater network, which should not be expected to be well received due to the passage of time. because the audience's taste in movies and serials is changing every day, and if a movie is released after 11 years, it will definitely not receive a good reception from the audience, even if it is children and teenagers, Safarkhani Sai has made use of prominent actors in the movie Babai Man Khwanandes, of course these days, Kamand Amir Soleimani and Pooya Amini are not so familiar names to the modern generation, because these two have not acted in a new movie for a long time, but if this movie is released in the year It was released in 1992 or 1993, these actors could have had a significant impact on the sales of the film based on their names. The movie Babai Man Khovandes written by Fahima Soleimani is in the genre of children and teenagers, and the story is about a boy named Arman, who one day is informed that a choir is going to be formed at school and...

In the movie Babai Man Khanandes, in addition to Kamen Amir Soleimani and Pooya Amini, there are other actors such as Shayan Jalali, Ramtin Mirsjadi, Rashin Mirsjadi, Roshanak Mohammadpour, Sohail Niksar, Mina Mahdian, Ahmed Niksar, Mozhgan Hakimi, Zahra Modafer, Rowena Padasdao, Amin Mirsjadi, Mohammad Mirzaei, Amir Ali Khosronjad and Manouchehr Safarkhani have acted, now you can also download this movie from livefarsi  website.

Other movie information:

Age category: PG-13 Watching this movie is not suitable for people under 13 years old!

Producers: Manouchehr Safarkhani

Authors: Fahmia Soleimani






Release: 2022-08-28


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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