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Yek Kiloo 21 Geram
Yek Kiloo 21 Geram

Yek Kiloo 21 Geram

Yek Kiloo 21 Geram 'Movie' An Iranian movie of twenty-five grams

The 1kg and 21g cinematic film is a social work, the first long-time film maker Rahim Tufan, who has been working in the field of filming and design of special effects in Iranian cinema for many years, and has directed many short films. Due to the fact that the film appeared at the Fajr International Film Festival for the first time, its English name was renamed A Heart for an Eye, to make its name similar to the World of Twenty-One gram less. 1 kg and 21 grams is a social work and narrates the three corners of the cultural class.

Genre: Drama




Country: Irani

Release: 2019-05-31


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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