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Setarehaye Roye Zamin
Setarehaye Roye Zamin

Setarehaye Roye Zamin

Avesti is a nine-year-old who was dropped out of third grade in one year and, despite her older brother, who always gets the highest marks, is the weakest in the class and is often humiliated by her father and classmates. Eventually, Avesti makes her father miss her by doing wrong. Her father decides to send her to boarding school. At this boarding school, things get very bad for them. School teachers, especially art teachers, are very brutal. Because of this, the conditions are difficult and they are extremely upset. She no longer talks to her parents on the phone. With the advent of Ram Shanker Nicombe, the new school art teacher, the school is changing. Ram Shankar Nicombe is scheduled to teach at the school on a temporary basis and his main job is at exceptional schools. Seeing their discomfort, Nicombe decides to find out about her teaching weakness.

Nicombe notices a subject by looking at his homework. He discovers that he has written the words in reverse and a red line is drawn around them. Upon viewing this office, Nicombe discovers that she has a lexical disorder and writes the letters alphabetically. Nicombe herself had the same disorder as a child. Finally, Nekoukab boldly teaches her parents and school staff, persuading them to read the words well and then….

Genre: Drama





Release: 2019-10-30


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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